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Innovation Academy – Hubert Tuor Prize

By submitting an abstract under the category of “Innovation Academy,” you will automatically be considered to run the competition and get a chance to win the Hubert Tuor Prize.

If your abstract is accepted, you will need to register as a regular participant.

What is the “Innovation Academy”?

The Innovation Academy is a unique opportunity to allow investigators and participants at ICPIC to participate in a forum which brings together thought leaders in the area of innovations in the practice of infection control and prevention of antimicrobial resistance. It is the first introduction of such an event to an Infection Prevention and Control Meeting and should be an exciting opportunity for all attendees. 

The Innovation Academy brings together experts from diverse fields that can interact during the planned symposium, the investigator presentations, a social event and a final presentation and awarding of three “Innovation Awards of Excellence” which will be judged by the Expert International Jury of the Academy. The Awards consist of a certificate, a cash prize and a trophy.

Staying vigilant and sharing knowledge

In spite of the progress made in combating infection and efforts around prevention, opportunities to share ideas remain essential, since antimicrobial resistance continues to present a threat to all countries.

The need to share knowledge and experience in this field therefore remains unchanged and the ICPIC brings more experts and opinion leaders in this area together every year.

Innovation Academy

Alongside the many presentations, round tables, discussions and workshops, the ICPIC has also created the “Innovation Academy”. Throughout the conference, Innovation Academy participants present their research in the fields of preventing the risk of infection, resistance, behavioural change, materials and other methods of prevention on various occasions and in a range of different forms.

The Fondation Hubert Tuor is delighted to be involved and to contribute to turning today’s research into tomorrow’s tangible projects, to support innovation in such an essential area as preventing infection and to play its part in creating a better world for us all.

Why should there be an “Innovation Academy”?

The word innovation has its roots in Latin, stemming from innovatus which means to renew or change and although innovation may be seen as a renewal process, it requires a new way of applying decisions or a new application of an existing discovery. It is an important concept in business, economics, engineering, technology and design and is becoming more important in the area of medicine as well. The objective of the Academy is to provide a collaborative interaction between infection control professionals and antimicrobial resistance experts, design experts, technology leaders and business entrepreneurs.

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.”
 Albert Einstein, Physicist and Nobel Laureate, who spoke often of innovation and creativity

Traduction simultanée

Le programme de l'ICPIC 2023 est maintenant disponible, avec une nouveauté cette année: ICPIC a sélectionné une série de sessions pour lesquelles nos collègues francophones bénéficieront d’une interprétation en simultanée vers le français. Ces sessions présentent notamment les bonnes pratiques et l’essentiel à connaître en prévention et contrôle de l’infection.


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